COVID-19 Reopening Plan

Latham Christian Academy’s school board, administrative team, and teachers have been working hard on creating the state-mandated COVID-19 reopening plan for Fall 2020.  LCA is planning to offer full-time in-person education for all of our students starting on Wednesday, September 9, as previously scheduled.

Of course, the world is different than it was on March 12, the last time we had a day of school in our building.  Many of our standard procedures will need to change, and any change takes us out of our comfort zone.

Please download the PDF of LCA’s draft reopening plan.  This plan likely will still change between now and the first day of school, and that is where parent feedback comes in.

Our school administrator, Mr. Fry, is the COVID-19 reopening plan coordinator at LCA.  Please contact him with any questions or suggestions about this plan.  So that all communication may be tracked, please submit all suggestions in writing by letter or email.

We are eager to get our school open again and look forward to continuing partnering with our parents to see God’s best in the lives of each of our students.