Our Handbook

Our Parent/Student Handbook is the basic document for parent-student-school relations.  It is the responsibility of both student and parent to read and be aware of the information in our handbook.  Ignorance of a stated policy or procedure is never an acceptable excuse.  As a part of the enrollment or re-enrollment process, each family and secondary student indicate that they have read and understood the guidelines in this handbook.

It is the goal of the LCA administration to make the information in our handbook as clear as possible.  However, if you ever have a question or doubt about a statement or policy, please contact the administrator for clarification.

Because our handbook is manmade, it cannot be a perfect document.  The items found in it are there to address areas which we feel are important to a Christlike atmosphere and a smoothly running school.  Our families may not always agree with or appreciate the material in the handbook, but it is important that each parent and student agrees to abide by and fully support these items.

You may download a PDF of the latest edition of our handbook by visiting the Resource Documents section of our website or by stopping by our school office and requesting a printed edition.