Our Secondary Program

At LCA, students in grades 7 through 12 are considered to be in our secondary program, what some may call junior and senior high school.  Our goal for secondary students is to partner with parents to see God working in the lives of born-again Christian students to help prepare them for whatever God has for their lives.  As the Holy Spirit refines the gifts He gave to each student, we know these young people will be best prepared to labor in the field for which God has specially prepared each student.

Our secondary program at LCA is very different than the program parents would find at a government school or even at most Christian schools.  We at LCA believe that the Bible teaches that God created man with a unique purpose for every individual.  We believe that the Bible teaches the individuality of each person and the priesthood of the believer.  We believe in the importance and accountability of each individual on a personal basis toward God.

Because of this philosophy, LCA has chosen to implement an individualized curriculum for secondary students.  We see this as the best way to “flesh out” these biblical philosophical beliefs.  Students in LCA’s secondary program have used primarily the Alpha-Omega Ignitia curriculum since September 2020.

Ignitia is a web-based, blended learning, collaborative, interactive curriculum that provides cutting-edge instruction filtered through a Christian worldview.  It is a highly respected individualized program used by Christian schools around the world.

We are in the process of putting together a photo and video snapshot of the Ignitia program in action here at LCA.  We have prepared a brand new digital learning center completely designed around the best use of the Ignitia curriculum and program.  As soon as the presentation is complete, we will post that here on this page.

For now, please stay tuned.  You can click here to read a question and answer document prepared for LCA families.  You may also contact Mr. Fry with any questions or to view a recording of a parent meeting held in June 2020 where these changes were presented to current families.