Other Admissions Documents

If you have not already done so, please read more about the admissions process on our website.

Admissions Checklist: Please be sure you have completed all documentation and returned all paperwork to our school office as soon as possible.  Enrollment is not complete until all of these items are cared for.  Download a PDF of the Enrollment Checklist here.

Tuition and Fees Schedule for 2021-22 School Year

Several other documents are available to smooth the application process. Please read through these to help you be as prepared as possible for the first day of school this fall.

  • Letter from Mr. Fry to Prospective Parents: Take time to read through this letter from our administrator with important facts about LCA and the kind of families and students who will be the most successful here.
  • LCA Prospective Student Information Brochure:  This document contains important information for all families considering Latham Christian Academy with highlights from our Parent/Student Handbook.
  • Letter from Mr. Fry to Re-Enrolling Families: This letter was sent out to current families in February 2020 as they make plans for this fall. Many accomplishments are discussed here as well as some plans for the future.
  • High School Profile: LCA has been determined to be substantially equivalent to the public schools by the North Colonie School Board.  This document provides more information about the secondary classes we offer, standardized test results, and colleges which accept our graduates and was most recently updated in Summer 2017.
  • Parent/Student Handbook: This document is required reading for all LCA families. Our policies and procedures are discussed in detail in this document. Please feel free to contact the school office with any questions about our handbook.
  • Student Agreement Form: All enrolling and re-enrolling students in Grades 7 through 12 must sign this document and return it to the school office, signifying that they have read the handbook and agree to do their best to follow it.
  • Parent Statement of Cooperation: This document is a part of all of our applications and must be agreed to by each family annually.